W.O.D – Number 1

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Primal Living

Today I hit the gym and I hit it pretty hard.  I decided to take a day off yesterday to fit two training sessions in for the next two days.  I decided to go to my local gym and do a small circuit before I go and do hill sprints and a weighted kettlebell effort with my mate Tom (who is trying to get fit for the services!)

So here was my first work out of the day :

  • Clean and jerks (40kg with E-Z bar) 5-5-5-5-5 reps
  • 10x Shoulder press (15kg dumbell) 3 rounds
  • 10x Seated upright rows, good form! (95kg) 3 rounds
  • 2 Rounds of crawls superset with 10x bent over flys (about 40m per round)
  • 5 minute run with 1 minute sprint all out effort
  • 10x bicep curls (12.5kg) 3 rounds

I felt pretty awful after the treadmill sprint and I still have no idea why, (maybe lack of food), although I did go all out and really felt my lungs burning away!  I’ve recovered sufficiently enough now to go on hill sprints with a kettlebell workout.  I’ll let you know how the sprints go!

Peace out for now


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