W.O.D – Hell

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Primal Living

Holy shit! Today was a hard day for me. Two days already under my belt with training twice a day and one more this morning! I woke up feeling quite sore and achey from the previous activities and decided that today will be one last push before I have a nice relaxing day. So here was today’s effort, not for time:

– 10x pull ups 3 rounds
– 8x cleans 3 rounds (30kg + bar)
– Turkish get ups 5 each side (12.5kg)
– 10x bicep curls 3 rounds (10kg dumbell)
– 1km row as fast as possible

So this seemed relatively easy up until the row. I decided to go all out and try and see how fast I could be, I really began to notice the lactic acid building up in my arms and legs half way through and tried to burst through the pain threshold but I was finding it difficult. In the end I finished the 1km row at 3:49 so definately a time that could be improved upon next time, maybe shave 10 seconds off?

Breakfast time now – smoked salmon with scrammbled egg sounds like a plan to me šŸ™‚ then off to treat the girlfriend and bump.

Peace out for now


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