Bank holiday monday – workout

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Primal Living

Today was the beginning of my new workout life using my new vibram five fingers. Firstly they are awesome. Secondly, check out the website because they are awesome.

Todays workout was a short circuit in the woods near my house, assisted with my girlfriends brother, Eric. The program that we did was as follows

– quick lap of the woods
– 5x hill sprints with 10 burpees/press
– overhead log hold with lunges
– log throws 5 each hand uphill
– short run
– 1 minute 10 press ups to crawl to
10 burpees repeat till finish

After I felt really good and thought that i should have had more structure to my plan, alas we live and learn. I think my next effort will be with a decent weighted workout designed to make me feel battered. I think I’m even tempted to have another go tonight!

BREAKFAST!!! Today’s breakfast consisted of a protein shake immediately after the workout. Then when I got home I made myself an omlette. Just a simple garlic ham and cheese 3 egg omlette. Quick simple and tasty.

Peace out for now


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