Some Problems

Posted: May 30, 2010 in Primal Living
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I suffer terribly with hay fever and allergies.  So when I told my friend that I would help him out with his new home, you know getting it all habitable again, ripping out carpets, painting and just general dust EVERYWHERE, you would have thought that it would be a great idea to wear a dust mask…or at the very least take some anti-histamines.  So turns out, it was pretty bad.  Went to the doctors on Thursday and was told I have Rhinitis (sounds like ryan-ite-iss) and have also developed polyps…all in all this just means I have a very swollen nose (on the inside) and its pretty much painful all the time.

The doctor gave me some drops (which I had to wait a day for due to it being out of stock everywhere).  So I came home from work on Friday night, took the drops and within hald an hour had really rubbish side effects.  I’m not talking like feeling tired, I’m talking headaches, dizzyness, heart palpatations, confusion (although that may be just me) and all sorts of weird and not-so-wonderful things. 

Ended up in hospital that night, blood sample taken, ecg and blood pressure checked…apparently it was a middle ear virus that affected my balance and caused the dizzyness as, according to the “drug bible”, the medication doesn’t cause this side effect! 

  All in all, I’m fine now and feel a hell of a lot better than I have done the past few days!  Time to get training again 🙂

Peace out


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