Primal Instincts

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Primal Living

Wow I haven’t blogged for AGES!

Well let me start by saying hello again.  I’ve been rather busy lately with work, baby things and getting in shape again.  I was given a website to look at a few weeks ago now and I think I may have converted to a new way of living!

If you’ve never been on this site then I STRONGLY recommend it!  it is fantastic.  All about how we as humans dont need to eat half the stuff we “believe” is healthy.  I think in the first week of doing this program I lost a couple of pounds but noticed one hell of a difference in myself.  I dont feel bloated any more, tired and I feel happier! (Not that I wasn’t happy in the first place!).

The basics:

Ok so what do I do differently now?  I eat better meals and I train differently.  Here is a typical day off from work for me.

  • Wake up early and have either a whey protein shake or a home made smoothie with lots of fruit
  • Go for a run in the woods or go to the gym to do a small circuit
  • have lunch
  • have dinner
  • have fun!

Very basic plan for a very easy way of living.  I dont eat many carbohydrates as they weren’t really found in the diets of our ancestors many many moons ago.  (I’m talking like 10,000 years ago).  The average daily diet of an average britain in one day consists of aroun 450g of carbohydrates!  Think about it, breakfast – Cereal, toast.  loads of carbs in there.  Lunch could consist of a sandwhich, pasta or even a jacket potato, even more carbohydrates.  Finally dinner, you know you’ve been in work all day and you feel tired and can’t really be bothered making a meal so we pop off to the chippy or McDonalds or A.N. Other fast food outlet.  Imagine all the carbohydrates you eat in one day!  We only really need around 100g of NATURAL carbohydrates.  You can get this ammount by eating fruit and veg as it is in there!  More Protein less carbohdyrates and better quality fat!  Thats primal living down to the absolute bare minimum!  Ok so I’ve ranted on about carbs and stuff so here is what I did today in the gym.

NEVER EVER EVER feel embarrassed or bothered about what you’re doing or what people might think of you in the gym or even out and about.  My workout for today for example was this

  • Burpee to pull up, 12 reps to warm up
  • Squats with 60KG, 10 reps with 3 sets
  • Lunges with 15KG in each hand, 10 reps each side with 3 sets
  • Bear crwals 4 sets over 50m super set with shoulder dislocates using a resistant band 12 reps 3 sets
  • Y’s using 7.5KG in each hand, 10 reps of 3 sets

Nice and simple exercises today and quite a fair bit done in half an hour.  Like I said before, don’t let anyone put you off your training.  The bear crawls aren’t what you see in everyday training these days I guess, most people are happy enough to plonk themselves on a treadmill and bore themselves senseless for half an hour.  Although this is all well and good its not really a challenge.  I felt fantastic after my workout and it took very little time to do.

Also this maybe an essential buy/make – Sandbag Training

Seriously read up on this stuff its awesome!

Peace out for now 🙂


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