20 Weeks – Halfway there!

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Baby

Ok so today was the most important day so far this year.  It was mine and Kirstys’ scan date and it is the 20 week scan.

We got up early(ish) today and headed off to Arrowe park hospital to the maternity building as our scan was at 8:50 Am.  There was the whole confusion of, where do we go?  What do we need?  Do I still need to be holding this bottle of pee?  Once finding the correct reception desk (after the 3rd attempt), we gave our name and notes in and was told that this time we didn’t need the urine sample…good news..ish, as Kirsty still had hold of it!

After sitting around for a few minute and trying to learn a bit of French on my new iPhone we were called through to scan room 2.  Upon entering the room I found the usual position that prospective fathers take, that bottom of the bed on a chair.  Kirsty get the “comfortable” position lying down on the bed.  The gel was applied to the special baby area (not the vagina, her stomach) and then the sonographer (think thats correct) began the whole, lets find the baby game.  The only way I can describe it is watching someone push something that looks like a space invader gun (kirstys words) then suddenly there it is!  A tiny little baby!!! Oh My God, words can not begin to describe what goes on inside your head.  From a father-to-bes’ point of view, you think wow that is my son or daughter and you want to do so much for the child already!  I think there is so much love that you just feel numb and warm inside!

Anyway…the baby looked amazing, almost in the position of someone who is hiding for cover from a grenade (odd description I know).  Our tiny little baby is currently lying face down and getting bigger by the day.  The sonographer (theres that word again) carried out her checks for the next 10 minutes in complete silence…after what seemed to be forever she told us we had a healthy little baby (no sex told!) and then shown us what was going on.  We got 5 pictures of our little person and will soon be put in our photo album!

Bring on the next midwife appointment 🙂


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