Volcanos and Planes

Posted: April 15, 2010 in General Talk

Well I awoke this morning to find out that all U.K. airports had been shut!  What a disaster…for those who are going on holiday.  So the cause of all this mayhem would be some volcano over in Iceland that has blown its top, which is situated near Eyjafjallajokull glacier (I dare you to pronounce that!).  After 200 years of silence it seems that it wants to say hello again with huge plumes of ash jetting up into the air by 8km!!!  The tiny particles which it omits are said to be dangerous to aircraft but not enough to change weather conditions…which means I’m still getting this lovely sun that is out today!

However scientists and the like have said that the “cloud of doom” will be travelling over europe as the wind direction takes that cloud over our continent which will suspect me to think that maybe there will be even more flight disruptions.  I’m sure everyone who has booked a flight and is now dissapointed will be outraged by this event, (mainly because thats what brits do) but why are we constantly thinking of ourselves?  How about the 800 people who have had to evacuate their homes because of the siesmic activity going on?  Even though this is a very small population I don’t think that they’ll be happy with clouds of ash coming down on their homes!  So if you’re moaning because of the cancellation…don’t, at least you have a home!


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