Hitmanbreakeroftheye – Nutter

Posted: April 14, 2010 in General Talk

My lovely girlfriend introduced me to this…errr…eccentric.  I dont think I’ve ever seen some one so devoted and unbelievably amazing with such great talent.  This guy can not only sing well, he can dance just as well!  I strongly adivse you that you watch his videos.  Just watch this link before you carry on reading the rest of this post…

Now by now you must realise that I am being highly sarcastic, if you actually thought he was good then you have the depth and music ability of posh spice!  I don’t know where this nutter came from but my girlfriend found him and thinks he is hillarious, as do other people with the ammount of views he is getting.  Which begs the question…

Can anyone be famous now?  Ok I’m not talking about the type of celebrity status like Brad Pitt or Katie Price, but the type that makes you an instant or over night succes.  This guy seems to have made himself popular by badly singing quite popular songs and dancing just as bad!!!  I’m sure everyone who watchs stupid videos, (like I do almost daily now) will remember the two little kids, one getting his finger bitten by his younger brother and crying…they got some of the highest views on youtube ever!  If you record yourself doing something complete and utterly insane or stupid then you too could become an over night success just like our friend Hitmanbreakeroftheye…Nutters.


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