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Well it’s been a few days and I haven’t blogged…sounds like I’m in some sort of AA meeting haha.  So anyway, the iPhone!  It – Kicks – Ass.  Ok so I’m a bit behind on technology and yes I realise that I’ve been living somewhere dark with no outside information.  Its just amazing though isn’t it, I’ve been completely and utterly addicted to the application store and everything apple related!  It has even got me back in to programming aswell.

So with me armed with a new (white) 16GB iPhone I’ve downloaded funky camera apps, stupid games, fun games, bar code scanners amongst other things…I’ve even made a few phone calls with it too!  If you haven’t already got one I strongly suggest you get one.  I will try to make my own app (even if it does suck) also I’m now contemplating converting my life to apple and becoming a mac 🙂

Apple, I love you.


20 Weeks – Halfway there!

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Baby

Ok so today was the most important day so far this year.  It was mine and Kirstys’ scan date and it is the 20 week scan.

We got up early(ish) today and headed off to Arrowe park hospital to the maternity building as our scan was at 8:50 Am.  There was the whole confusion of, where do we go?  What do we need?  Do I still need to be holding this bottle of pee?  Once finding the correct reception desk (after the 3rd attempt), we gave our name and notes in and was told that this time we didn’t need the urine sample…good news..ish, as Kirsty still had hold of it!

After sitting around for a few minute and trying to learn a bit of French on my new iPhone we were called through to scan room 2.  Upon entering the room I found the usual position that prospective fathers take, that bottom of the bed on a chair.  Kirsty get the “comfortable” position lying down on the bed.  The gel was applied to the special baby area (not the vagina, her stomach) and then the sonographer (think thats correct) began the whole, lets find the baby game.  The only way I can describe it is watching someone push something that looks like a space invader gun (kirstys words) then suddenly there it is!  A tiny little baby!!! Oh My God, words can not begin to describe what goes on inside your head.  From a father-to-bes’ point of view, you think wow that is my son or daughter and you want to do so much for the child already!  I think there is so much love that you just feel numb and warm inside!

Anyway…the baby looked amazing, almost in the position of someone who is hiding for cover from a grenade (odd description I know).  Our tiny little baby is currently lying face down and getting bigger by the day.  The sonographer (theres that word again) carried out her checks for the next 10 minutes in complete silence…after what seemed to be forever she told us we had a healthy little baby (no sex told!) and then shown us what was going on.  We got 5 pictures of our little person and will soon be put in our photo album!

Bring on the next midwife appointment 🙂

Volcanos and Planes

Posted: April 15, 2010 in General Talk

Well I awoke this morning to find out that all U.K. airports had been shut!  What a disaster…for those who are going on holiday.  So the cause of all this mayhem would be some volcano over in Iceland that has blown its top, which is situated near Eyjafjallajokull glacier (I dare you to pronounce that!).  After 200 years of silence it seems that it wants to say hello again with huge plumes of ash jetting up into the air by 8km!!!  The tiny particles which it omits are said to be dangerous to aircraft but not enough to change weather conditions…which means I’m still getting this lovely sun that is out today!

However scientists and the like have said that the “cloud of doom” will be travelling over europe as the wind direction takes that cloud over our continent which will suspect me to think that maybe there will be even more flight disruptions.  I’m sure everyone who has booked a flight and is now dissapointed will be outraged by this event, (mainly because thats what brits do) but why are we constantly thinking of ourselves?  How about the 800 people who have had to evacuate their homes because of the siesmic activity going on?  Even though this is a very small population I don’t think that they’ll be happy with clouds of ash coming down on their homes!  So if you’re moaning because of the cancellation…don’t, at least you have a home!

Hitmanbreakeroftheye – Nutter

Posted: April 14, 2010 in General Talk

My lovely girlfriend introduced me to this…errr…eccentric.  I dont think I’ve ever seen some one so devoted and unbelievably amazing with such great talent.  This guy can not only sing well, he can dance just as well!  I strongly adivse you that you watch his videos.  Just watch this link before you carry on reading the rest of this post…

Now by now you must realise that I am being highly sarcastic, if you actually thought he was good then you have the depth and music ability of posh spice!  I don’t know where this nutter came from but my girlfriend found him and thinks he is hillarious, as do other people with the ammount of views he is getting.  Which begs the question…

Can anyone be famous now?  Ok I’m not talking about the type of celebrity status like Brad Pitt or Katie Price, but the type that makes you an instant or over night succes.  This guy seems to have made himself popular by badly singing quite popular songs and dancing just as bad!!!  I’m sure everyone who watchs stupid videos, (like I do almost daily now) will remember the two little kids, one getting his finger bitten by his younger brother and crying…they got some of the highest views on youtube ever!  If you record yourself doing something complete and utterly insane or stupid then you too could become an over night success just like our friend Hitmanbreakeroftheye…Nutters.

Lets face it, Lionel Messi is possibly the worlds greatest footballer out there.

With the likes of Ronaldo, Torres and even our very own Steven Gerrard, Messi at the young age of 22 has achieved more than anyone could ever imagine.  Last season alone he scored an unbelievable 38 goals, 14 goals in 26 league games including a hat-trick in the El Clásico, his goals also assisting Barcelona to a La Liga victory campaign, as well as the Spanish Domestic cup (Copa Del Ray) and lets not forget the emphatic win against Manchester United in the European Champions League Final.  Barcelona completing the treble, the only spanish side EVER to have done this.

Yes Messi has done so much already in his very tiny career.  Appearing for Barcelona 137 times and scoring 81 goals for the club, he is certainly on his way to making history (if he hasn’t done so already!) What else is left for the 22 year old argentinian?  World cup Dominance? back to back world player of the year?  Endless golden boot awards?  He already has an Olympic gold under his belt, as well as two european cup victories, two La Liga victories, and also breaking the la ligas’ record of being the youngest player to play and score in the league!

Lets hope Lionel Messis’ story does not end in tradgedy as we have seen in the past with such great sporting figures!

Up and running

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

So after much searching and not a lot of brain power, I finally found a blog. I hope to keep you all up to date with my exciting life and interesting photography…maybe some tutorials as well! Thanks already go to my cousin who helped be from being stupid!

Take it easy